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G&K–Vijuk Intern. Corp. is the world leader in providing innovative solutions in insert/outsert leaflet folding equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and small-items packaging markets, because we listen to our customers and keep abreast of the developments in their industries. G&K-Vijuk has introduced a number of developments in folding equipment and outsert folding, and has been granted over 30 patents worldwide on outsert equipment and various methods of folding.
Photo of OfficeIn 2012, G&K–Vijuk purchased substantially all of the assets of Vijuk Equipment, Inc., a prominent source of cost-effective, reliable finishing equipment for the graphic arts and packaging industries in the U.S. since 1962. Furthermore, Vijuk Equipment, Inc. was the sole distributor of G&K (GUK–Falzmaschinen) folding systems in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean since 1977.

Founded in 1948, GUK–Falzmaschinen (“GUK”) of Wellendingen, Germany presently has over 200 employees and is well-known internationally for its production of automotive parts and its comprehensive line of folding systems—ranging from miniature-leaflet to commercial-size folding, sheet-fed and roll-fed folders, packaging-line leaflet folders and feeders, spine-glued booklet makers, and direct-mail producing systems.

As a partner of GUK, G&K–Vijuk is poised to continue its leadership in providing you innovative folding solutions. We invite you to check over our equipment lines on the following pages of our web site and see the wide range of folders available to fit your needs. For example, you will find, in the spirit in which the first Vijuk outsert system was invented, that the new G&K–Vijuk MV-11 Outsert Systems were developed to increase our customers’ efficiency in providing the finest in products and service for their customers.

For you…

Whether you are new to G&K–Vijuk or are one of our prime customers, our sales consultants, who have many years of bindery experience, will expertly assist you with solutions. Custom engineering is available for special needs or applications.

We are fully staffed to support our lines of equipment in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico. We offer global service for all of our outsert systems. Our technicians, some regionally based, are factory trained to give you excellent training and service.

We also maintain a large parts inventory on all of our equipment lines that is ready for immediate shipment, generally overnight.

We are a prominent source of cost-effective, reliable bindery equipment, backed by excellent technical support and spare parts delivery.
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